SOCi, Inc.
Build partnerships with franchise businesses and property management companies by showing them the importance of leveraging social media
August 2015 - November 2017
Amanda Lin, Jhed Flores, Tucker Napier, Jenna Backus, and Will Price
As the marketing coordinator at SOCi I worked very closely with the marketing director and a graphic designer to create vertical-specific content.

I wrote several 700+ word blogs, researched and wrote infographics, put together webinar decks, authored 10-12 page resource guides and much more. I flexed various muscles in this role and learned how to efficiently leverage different marketing channels to connect to customers.  

My Process

Things I Kept in Mind
  • Raise Awareness | Show franchisees and property management companies the number of people they could reach on social media
  • Reduce the Intimidation | Diving into social media can be scary & hard. Many people don’t know where to start. We should create content to show them how to do it with ease.
  • Display Expertise | All content should showcase SOCi’s expertise in the space therefore convincing companies to partner with us or use our platform.
A guest blog I wrote for Voxburner
Ideation & Planning
  1. Market Research | Find out what franchise owners are looking for regarding social media. Think about what they might be struggling with and what they could benefit from.
  2. Content Type | Think about the best way to layout and execute this type of content. What type of content would be easy for customers to digest?
  3. Leverage Existing Content | Look for content that’s been overproduced and avoid creating it again. Search for existing content that could be repurposed.
  4. Create an Outline | I am a huge fan of outlines! I map out what questions I want to answer and what problems I want to solve before writing. 
After the content was finalized, it would either become a free gated resource, blog post, webinar deck, or advertisement. We would promote these pieces through social media, email, and paid channels.

Take a look at live blogs, resource guides, infographics, and more here.
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